Myopic Studios Founder on GORDCAST

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I love it when Drummond let’s me know he’s being featured as a guest on a Podcast after the fact! Very happy to say that Pete has been featured as a guest on GORDCAST Episode 108 – Take a listen and hear more of our founder’s story and the road that lead to starting Myopic Studios.

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Happy Holidays!

Myopic Holidays

Hey, all you maniacs, everyone here at Myopic wants to wish you the happiest of holidays, and for those celebrating today, a Merry Christmas! You may have also noticed, no Dev Blog this week. The Dev Blog is taking the rest of 2020 off. We look forward to bringing you new content just as soon …

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Burning Gamenight

Map of Ealdor

While Long Beach isn’t some distant archipelago lost to the modern world for generations, it is home to an unfamiliar tribe of gamers. Their ways and the ways of their DUN JUHN  WURLD were strange and captivating.  From what my guide tells me, I had walked into the middle of a year-long KAM PAYN. I …

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Roll Call: Tripping the Freelance Fantastic

Tripping the Freelance Fantastic

Wily Daniel White (@birdsinboxes), artist, coffee drinker, cannoli fiend, life saver. Danny and I met years ago, as part of the EOC podcast community (@11oclockcomics). As an aside, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, and you’re a fan of comics, you’re effing up your life. By far the best comics podcast out there. I …

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Roll Call: Top Hats and Spachemin

Top Hats and Spachemin - Nicholas Hite

When I met Harrumphing Nicholas Hite, he was a bit of a frowner. As a curmudgeon myself, I liked him right away. For those of you who’ve never done it, working support can be a trying, often thankless job. If you’re not careful, and if your leadership isn’t on point, it can twist you up …

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