Roll Call: Tripping the Freelance Fantastic

Wily Daniel White (@birdsinboxes), artist, coffee drinker, cannoli fiend, life saver. Danny and I met years ago, as part of the EOC podcast community (@11oclockcomics). As an aside, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, and you’re a fan of comics, you’re effing up your life. By far the best comics podcast out there.

I digress.

This guy, this effing guy. Years ago, after a Holiday Gift Exchange, I asked him to draw me a one-page origin of The Question. I had been a fan of his art for some time, and I always got a Ditko vibe from it. It seemed like a winning combination. One problem, he didn’t know much about the character or his origin. Without skipping a beat, he threw the gauntlet at my feet and said, “sure, I’ll draw it, if you write it.” I’d never scripted for the medium before. What we initially intended as a single page became three, and he delivered some of the best art I’ve ever seen him draw. I hung it at the entrance to my old basement office, to ensure it was the first and last thing I passed coming and going. Something about seeing his pictures and my words helped give me the inspiration I needed to form Myopic.

sure, I’ll draw it, if you write it.

Daniel White

Now, imagine you’ve founded a game company, the IP is something you created ages ago, and you are, among other things, the company’s only full-time artist. At some point, you’re going to reach an intersection where the demands of the project and the demands of the business will start to compete with one another.   

When that happens, when time becomes a critical commodity, you start looking for talent that can help make the work shine. DW is that guy. I can’t wait to show you his work on Proxy; it’s brilliant.

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