Roll Call: Tripping the Freelance Fantastic

Tripping the Freelance Fantastic

Wily Daniel White (@birdsinboxes), artist, coffee drinker, cannoli fiend, life saver. Danny and I met years ago, as part of the EOC podcast community (@11oclockcomics). As an aside, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, and you’re a fan of comics, you’re effing up your life. By far the best comics podcast out there. I …

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Roll Call: Top Hats and Spachemin

Top Hats and Spachemin - Nicholas Hite

When I met Harrumphing Nicholas Hite, he was a bit of a frowner. As a curmudgeon myself, I liked him right away. For those of you who’ve never done it, working support can be a trying, often thankless job. If you’re not careful, and if your leadership isn’t on point, it can twist you up …

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Roll Call: Aggressively Quiet

Aggressively Quiet - Keith Duncan

Diabolical Keith Duncan is the fastest talker you’ll ever meet. Some of that is a natural intensity, and some of that is the byproduct of a brain that moves at a velocity not known to mere mortals. Don’t believe me? Try listening to audiobooks at 3.5x and see how much you retain – It’s terrifying. …

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Roll Call: Uncannily Me

Uncannily Me - Jonathan Moretti

We should all have at least one person in our lives as eager and genuine as Motley Jon Moretti — not too many, mind you, but for sure a few. Jon is one of those guys who’s up for whatever the moment demands. He’s genuinely excited to participate — someone for whom the water is …

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