You don’t know me yet, but I hope someday soon you will. My Name Is Pete, though most folks call me Drummond and my story has no straight lines.

map directions going from irvine ca, to denver co, to austin tx and back

*Editors Note: I mean they’re straight-ish

Six months ago, I was a Director for a Legal Tech Company in Colorado. I was there for a little over two years. It was not a happy time.

For nearly a decade before that, I wore numerous hats supporting Blizzard Entertainment’s library of games. I started in Irvine, CA. I ended in Austin, TX. Every minute of it, I absolutely loved.

Come to think of it; I’ve loved every job I’ve ever worked, right up until the last one.

But, I digress. Before Blizzard, I worked as an Audio Visual Tech, traveling the country and supplying lighting and technology to everything from music videos, to movies, to trade shows. Before that, I taught Remedial English Lit/Computers and Technology at a private school in CA. Before that, a comic book store, also in CA.

Before that, I was in Junior High, like I said, no straight lines. Through it all, my every spare hour has been spent creating. First, it was just for me, then my friends and peers, eventually for my employers.

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