Forever Neutral

In most game settings the catalyst for adventure is a savvy barkeep or an ambitious king’s guard. On some rare occasions, even the local nobility gets involved.

In the real world, where the balance of power remains mostly consistent, no single incident or political agenda should ever lead us into world war. Not without a great deal of effort on someone’s part anyway.

On Achades, the balance of power is much more delicate. None could afford the mistakes of the Old Home. By forcing the Named Powers to scheme against one another in secret, a new order of middlemen arose, serving from the shadows with absolute trust.


The revolutions of the Old Home tore power away from kings and queens. That upheaval ended when we learned to place power in vessels that could never lose it: anonymous influence brokers known as Tradejacks.

– Shenbok the Elder Prophet

Every day, ordinary people abdicate their freedom and destiny to live under the protection of the Named Powers. While their lands grow, Nobles and Warlords face rising demand for the kind of direct action that may incite open war between them.

Tradejacks guarantee the continuity of the world…

Enter the Tradejacks.

Commissioned by those with fair barter and a compelling cause, Tradejacks control the currents of the political world by proxy, directing the actions of a Cohort of hand-picked Factors who operate as one.

Known by whispered monikers, virtual avatars, and the remote directions they provide, Tradejacks gather and leverage information in their shared DataStream to balance the competing forces of Achades.

Though each objective accomplished by a Cohort may escape notice, Tradejacks guarantee the world’s continuity through the collective influence of their efforts.

Even the seemingly trivial development of an individual Factor’s skills may be the result of a Tradejack’s careful planning, planning that could usher in a war-torn new era or hold another cataclysm at bay.


The guiding hand, forever unseen

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