Reporting In

Proxy Logo for Post Featured Image

Hey, all you, Myopic Maniacs! You may have noticed we’ve been a little silent of late. What you may not know is that our fearless leader crushed one of the vertebrae in his lower back. We’ve been hard at work while he was healing, and we’re delighted to have him back on the active roster. …

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All Quiet at the West Coast Office

All Quiet at the West Coast Office Dev Diary Cover

Hey, Maniacs! This #DevDiary goes out to my fellow creators. Man oh man, how the little things can pile up and get in the way of making fun stuff. Over the past few weeks, the Myopic team has gone toe-to-toe with bureaucracy and lived to tell the tale. Everything from dealing with the US Government …

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The Source of Secret Sagas

God by Jack Kirby

The first words grabbed me, pulling me in with an epilogue which read… In our press release, we talked a lot about the Magitek Fantasies from the video games of our youth and how they inspired us. Games like Final Fantasy and Arcanum left an indelible mark on us all. As a result, the setting’s …

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The Unseen World

The Rending of Achades

…while it wasn’t the first image I finished, it was perhaps the most powerful… A little over a year ago we, The Founding-5, announced the launch of our board game company, Myopic Studios. We’ve been working quietly toward the release of our first game, Proxy, ever since. Now, that we’re on the verge of bringing …

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