Developer Diaries

The Source of Secret Sagas

God by Jack Kirby

The first words grabbed me, pulling me in with an epilogue which read… In our press release, we talked a lot about the Magitek Fantasies from the video games of our youth and how they inspired us. Games like Final Fantasy and Arcanum left an indelible mark on us all. As a result, the setting’s…

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The Unseen World

The Rending of Achades

…while it wasn’t the first image I finished, it was perhaps the most powerful… A little over a year ago we, The Founding-5, announced the launch of our board game company, Myopic Studios. We’ve been working quietly toward the release of our first game, Proxy, ever since. Now, that we’re on the verge of bringing…

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Telling Stories

I’ve been telling stories/drawing pictures since forever. At first, it was about capturing critical play moments with the toylines and cartoons of my youth. As I got older, my influences changed. I transitioned from cartoons and books to comics and film. I was always scurrying away to some unbothered corner where I could pour ideas…

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The Elegance of Space Terrorism

My Star Wars obsession began with the originals and endured through a lifetime of supplementary material and sub-par prequels. When X-Wing came out, I was intrigued; if a little reluctant. I already play 40k. A game few wallets can withstand, and I’ve been hurt before. In spite of myself, I’m head over heels. So enamored…

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Proxy Playtest 1 – Exciting Times!

proxy playtest file and dice

As the first playtest approached, my stomach was in knots. It’s one thing to create in a vacuum, but it’s quite another to put an unfinished version of Proxy in front of civilians and ask for feedback. And, yes, before you say anything, I know that’s how this kinda’ thing is done. That doesn’t change…

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You don’t know me yet, but I hope someday soon you will. My Name Is Pete, though most folks call me Drummond and my story has no straight lines. Six months ago, I was a Director for a Legal Tech Company in Colorado. I was there for a little over two years. It was not…

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