The Elegance of Space Terrorism

My Star Wars obsession began with the originals and endured through a lifetime of supplementary material and sub-par prequels. When X-Wing came out, I was intrigued; if a little reluctant. I already play 40k. A game few wallets can withstand, and I’ve been hurt before. In spite of myself, I’m head over heels. So enamored …

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Proxy Playtest 1 – Exciting Times!

proxy playtest file and dice

As the first playtest approached, my stomach was in knots. It’s one thing to create in a vacuum, but it’s quite another to put an unfinished version of Proxy in front of civilians and ask for feedback. And, yes, before you say anything, I know that’s how this kinda’ thing is done. That doesn’t change …

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You don’t know me yet, but I hope someday soon you will. My Name Is Pete, though most folks call me Drummond and my story has no straight lines. Six months ago, I was a Director for a Legal Tech Company in Colorado. I was there for a little over two years. It was not …

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