Roll Call: Aggressively Quiet

Aggressively Quiet - Keith Duncan

Diabolical Keith Duncan is the fastest talker you’ll ever meet. Some of that is a natural intensity, and some of that is the byproduct of a brain that moves at a velocity not known to mere mortals. Don’t believe me? Try listening to audiobooks at 3.5x and see how much you retain – It’s terrifying. …

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Roll Call: Uncannily Me

Uncannily Me - Jonathan Moretti

We should all have at least one person in our lives as eager and genuine as Motley Jon Moretti — not too many, mind you, but for sure a few. Jon is one of those guys who’s up for whatever the moment demands. He’s genuinely excited to participate — someone for whom the water is …

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The Source of Secret Sagas

God by Jack Kirby

The first words grabbed me, pulling me in with an epilogue which read… In our press release, we talked a lot about the Magitek Fantasies from the video games of our youth and how they inspired us. Games like Final Fantasy and Arcanum left an indelible mark on us all. As a result, the setting’s …

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The Unseen World

The Rending of Achades

…while it wasn’t the first image I finished, it was perhaps the most powerful… A little over a year ago we, The Founding-5, announced the launch of our board game company, Myopic Studios. We’ve been working quietly toward the release of our first game, Proxy, ever since. Now, that we’re on the verge of bringing …

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Myopic Studios Founder on Radio BrendoMan

Radio Brendoman Logo

Hello maniacs! I’m really fired up to share this with you. Our fearless leader was recently a guest on Radio BrendoMan Episode 364 – Check it out to hear more of our founder’s story and the road that lead to starting myopic studios. Huge shout out to Brendo for inviting Pete on the show! Get out there and …

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