All Quiet at the West Coast Office

Hey, Maniacs! This #DevDiary goes out to my fellow creators. Man oh man, how the little things can pile up and get in the way of making fun stuff. Over the past few weeks, the Myopic team has gone toe-to-toe with bureaucracy and lived to tell the tale. Everything from dealing with the US Government to general day-to-day life and day job stuff


Because we’re doing it right, we filed for trademarks on the studio as well as our first few game titles. And, when I say us, I mean our fearless leader Drummond. I’d roll right through and start posting stuff day one if left unattended. When the US Government shutdown recently, this stalled our progress.

While we got them in before it happened, the line has backed up. A little over a week ago, we actually heard back. Seems that there’s one edit we needed to make. Still, that edit took days to unpack, so, my fellow creators – don’t get discouraged with paperwork. When at first you don’t succeed and all that. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about this process. While we’re not experts, we do have some first-hand experience to share.

Where My Team At

In case it wasn’t fully spelled out in our posts, you should know, the Myopic Team is pretty decentralized across the US (hailing from TX and CA). As a remote team, we check in with each other at least once a week on Discord. I thought y’all might dig hearing where we are in the process. Pete is hard at work on writing and art assets for the game. He’s also taking the lead on the trademark applications. Keith has been traveling all over Texas for his day job, squeezing in as much writing as possible. Nicholas is working on ideas for one of our next projects, and the Fifth Man is doing what he does. As for me, I’m writing this blog… right now… I just typed that. Also, I thought I’d share; my turtle came out of hibernation, and it’s been great to see him cruising around.

What Am I Playing Right NOW

I’m currently playing Division 2 on Xbox One X. I alternate between playing this with my lady and playing it with my buddies on different nights. I love having a group game we can all connect on wherever anyone is at and hang out. I’ve also started playing Urban Shadows with my tabletop group – we JUST started, so I’ll report back on that soon.

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